Nambe Pueblo Healthy Family Services (NPHFS)


Our mission is to promote the wellness of individuals and community by providing quality cultural services through adaptable measures to increase safety, awareness, accountability, and healthy families.

Our vision is living the spirit of sacredness through the integration of core values and integrity.

Our Values Are:

Respect: To honor others and treat all individuals with dignity.

Trust and Confidentiality: All relationships will be established based on trust, confidentiality, and integrity. Services will be provided in a non-judgmental atmosphere incorporating availability and reliability.

Safety and Support: All services will be comprehensive and provided in a safe environment.

Compassion: All services will be provided in a compassionate and supportive manner to achieve wellness.

Wisdom: The sharing of life experiences, knowledge, and self-discipline.


Please come visit and participate in on-going activities here at NPHFS.

Our contact information is:


Domestic Violence Prevention Program

Located in the blue trailer across from the Tribal Courts

Rod Kaskalla- Domestic Violence Prevention Coordinator
Email: Office: (505) 455-5590  or 455-5593

Caitlin Harper, MA, LMHC, ATR-P, Art Therapist and Mental Health Counselor
Email:   Cell (505) 470-7593

Caitlin works from an eclectic perspective to art therapy and counseling, drawing heavily upon existential and culturally sensitive approaches. She believes in the power of imagination, humor, multi-generational community, and the resilience of the human spirit as essential components to her work with children and families. Caitlin incorporates visual art, writing, humor, and music into her work with Nambé Pueblo community members. She is one of the facilitators for the weekend Expression through Art program.

Josephine Gallegos- Victim’s Services Specialist
Email:    Office: 505-455-5595



Substance/Alcohol Abuse Prevention and Treatment Program

Located across from the blue trailer

Skip Wardlow, LDAC- Substance Abuse Program (SAP) Coordinator
Email:   Office: 505-455-5590 x 290

Fidel Talache- Peer Specialist
Email:    Office: 505-455-5592

Suicide Prevention Services

Raymond Povijua- Suicide PreventionCoordinator (SAP Building)
Email:  Office: 505-455-5591

Loren Musgrave- Cultural Mentor (Blue Trailer)  Office: 505-455-5594